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The Legend of Boise State Runner Allie Ostrander is Growing

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Ms. Ostrander has already etched her name in Bronco lore. But just how far can she go?

Cross Country: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The following is a parody interview and in no way a real interaction between Boise State Track & Field HC Coach Corey Ihmels and a reporter. (Though, let us be honest, it is probably more accurate at this point than not.)

Reporter: “So Allie Ostrander and the steeplechase.”

Coach Ihmels: “Oh! Yeah. She just ran that to shake the competition rust off. It was just a way to get her ready for some of her actual races. It is not her ‘specialty’ race as it were.”

Reporter: “But she won the race handily, beat a few pro runners, and got the second-best time in school history?”

Coach Ihmels: “I know, right? Kind of crazy how that whole thing played out. But, to Allie’s credit, she won because she’s really good at what she does.”

Reporter: “‘What she does?’ And that would be?”

Coach Ihmels: “Running. Specifically running faster than any of her competitors. Regardless of distance or type.”

Reporter: “So what should we expect from Allie going forward?”

Coach Ihmels: “That is kind of up to Allie. We know that she will win in, basically, any race she decides to compete. So we aren’t going to limit the wins. We aren’t putting any sort of restriction at this point. If she decides to run the 5K, go for it. If she wants to run the 100m hurdles, sure! Why not?! How about that one weird race where kids use a wooden spoon to push an egg some distance?”

Reporter: “Are you talking about ‘Egg Rolling?’ The popular children’s game traditionally done on, or near, Easter?”

Coach Ihmels: “Sure!”

Reporter: “But… but isn’t that for children?”

Coach Ihmels: “I fail to see your point. Allie is a competitor. She isn’t scared. She’d smoke those kids.

Or how about that one race where people have to jump on obstacles, climb ropes, dodge nerf balls?”

Reporter: “So… American Gladiator?”

Coach Ihmels: “Yeah, that too!! I mean she seems to be pretty good at this whole ‘winning’ thing, in general, so why put her in a box?”

Reporter: “What? No. You’re saying she’d be able to beat the American Gladiators?”

Coach Ihmels: “Oh you bet. Remember: she’s from Alaska. She’s had to run some pretty treacherous races. I don’t doubt she’s already put down a bear or two.”

Reporter: “A bear. You’re saying she’s actually brought down a bear.”

Coach Ihmels: “Maybe. I wouldn’t put anything past her at this point. Seems like once she’s put her mind to something, she gets it done. And we all know that Boise State has a history of individuals having lots interactions with bears. So, in reality, it seems to be more a requirement than not.”

Reporter: “Ok. Fine. Anyway, you seem to be all over the place on this, are there any races that she is going to focus on?”

Coach Ihmels: “Listen. She’s wasn’t necessarily serious about running the steeplechase full-time. No, it was not her focus. It was to get her back into the swing of things. She could run any race she wanted and she would PROBABLY win. To reiterate, this was just a way to get her back in competition mode with no expectations. Having said that, we know that she will run a 1500m race. But not sure, exactly, where.”

Reporter: “So what are your thoughts about the other athletes that specifically train for the steeplechase? Should they be concerned about Allie going forward?”

Coach Ihmels: “Oh I am sure they tried really hard. And really put a lot of focus and mental energy into that race. While Allie just wanted to make sure she's ready for her main races. So, in that vein, the other racers should be relieved that this is not her main focus.”

Reporter: “Relieved? How so?”

Coach Ihmels: “The race that they specifically train for? That they invest so much time in? The race that is pretty unique (and kind of weird) that takes some special talent to do? Those other athletes should be relieved that she may not do it again so they may be able to win again.”

Reporter: “And as for Allie?”

Coach Ihmels: “She is just relieved that she's not done yet."

Reporter: "Done? With what?"

Coach Ihmels: "Winning. She is not done with winning."