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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State’s Hutchison tests NBA Draft; VB commit; A trial starts

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SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

It would certainly be pretty scary if Satan ever lost his hair.

There would be hell toupee.

Chandler Hutchison declares for NBA draft

He’s testing the NBA waters.

With that it is a bit of a “soft commit” to the NBA. As long as he does not hire an agent he has until May 24th to come back to the sweet confines of Boise State. Course, he may just decide to make that next step. Either way, we wish him the very best. While we hope that Mr. Hutchison does return, it would be pretty tough to forego the possibility of making six, or seven, figures doing what you love. We have well over a month to go until we find out for sure (again, barring him hiring an agent).

ICYMI: Bubba Ogbebor has decided to transfer from Boise State

Another one of those “well dang” moments. Kind of disappointing because, as Drew points out, keeping him around was kind of a big deal at the time. So to see him go is a bummer. Like the Hutchison thing, he’s looking out for his best interests and what he things will bring him the best success. Boise State has signed some good talent for the upcoming year, so the idea is that these guys step up. Good luck Mr. Ogbebor and safe travels.

Boise State VB is getting better!

Ms. Alyssa Wissinger has announced her intention of joining the pretty great gig here at Boise State.

Ms. Wissinger has a Max Preps page if you were so inclined to watch some highlights. Congratulations to Ms. Wissinger on her awesome selection and other schools better back off!!

Doug Martin expected to be back with the Buccaneers for workouts

We are all aware of the turbulence that Mr. Martin has had of late. So for him to be secure in his job with Tampa Bay is good. I hope that he had cleared up any remaining issues and is able to get back on the field. Sure missed his rage-type running.

Steve Fisher is out at San Diego State

So that means the longest tenured coach in the Mountain West Conference is...

Which is pretty remarkable considering Coach Leon Rice has “only” been at Boise State for six years. Welcome news though.

Bronco softball pitcher signee doing what she does: dominate

Which is kind of crazy. 21 strikeouts last week? My goodness.

I hope their coach gives his (her?) pitchers plenty of rest. To add: she’s also batting .477? Seriously?! That is crazy. Bronco softball is adding some super-talented athletes that will be bringing a lot to the team in the coming years.

Titus Young going to prison

This is heart-breaking. So much talent and all the possibilities. With his issues with his mental health, one can only imagine the troubles he’s been going through. And he’s only 27! Not sure if he’s past any point of no return, but I hope that he’s able to find relief soon and can genuinely turn his life around.

This old YouTube video of Mr. Young is chilling.

So about that whole “biting another dude’s ear” thing

The trial started yesterday for Dereck Boles who bit Chanceller James’ ear. Just... read the story. Holy cow.


Try your hand at the World’s Dumbest Game. I can think of some other dumb ones, but that certainly is up there.