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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Softball Wins; Men’s tennis; Check in on a WBB Boise State commit

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Why does it take so long for a pirate to learn his alphabet?

Because he spends all his years at C.

Bronco softball wins final game down in Vegas

This puts the Broncos at 24-12 overall and 6-6 in the Mountain West Conference. Which is good enough for third in the conference standings. As it stands the Broncos have the second-best winning percentage (.667) with Utah State in first in both standings (.727 in conference and .735 overall). Not sure if this is indicative of the overall strength of the Mountain West, but no team has a losing record.

In that same vein, the Broncos (at last check-in) are sitting at no. 88 in the NCAA RPI softball rankings. Fresno State is the highest clocking in at no. 41. Six Mountain West Conference teams are in the top-100.

The Broncos next are at San Jose State for a three game series. The Spartans are currently at the no. 7 spot in the MWC standings.

Bronco women’s tennis falls to the Lobos

I did not know that they could run the triple option on the tennis court, but whaddyagonnado?! This was a tight matchup and the Broncos fell just short.

Bronco men’s tennis does a good thing

They bring down the Vandals! The matchup was in Boise so this is a welcomed event. Glad to see the rivalry is still there and that the Broncos came away with the W!

10 schools have produced 4 straight seasons of 6 yards per play

Kind of an older one. But still relevant. No. 4 will blow your mind!!!

Bronco women’s rugby goes 1-2 down in Fort Collins

The Broncos lost their first match to Wyoming. I assume on some sort of fumble/safety. But then the Broncos rebounded and beat Air Force (IN YOUR FACE TRIPLE OPTION!). And then fell to host Colorado State. Which seems to be on unequal grounds considering the Broncos were up against a Big XII team.

Boise State women’s basketball signee is regional player of the year

Now this is something we want to see. A proven winner and leader. Read the article as the accomplishments of Ms. Hailey Vice-Neat is quite impressive. Probably going to be a name we hear a lot of in the coming years.


Well I’ll be. This thing exists. Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society.