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Have your own shining moment in OBNUG’s NCAA tournament pool

Join the march toward madness

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t Sparta, but it is March and besides being a popular time to get a vasectomy, it’s also a popular time for roundball. And if it’s roundball you’re after, there isn’t a much better place to find it than the NCAA tournament. Boise State has an outside chance of being in said tourney...but even if they aren’t, you can still become a bracket braggart and defeat the fairly low-wattage brain power of the OBNUG staff by joining the official OBNUG tournament pool. If you have the winning bracket in the OBNUG pool, you’ll gain respect, admiration, and lots and lots of internet points. We may even find a way to put the winning bracket in a place of honor for the rest of the hop into the OBNUG pool today—the water’s fine. Bonus points to the participants with the most creative bracket name, so let’s see those puns, people.