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Boise State Game Balls for week of February 26th

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Softball is in the thick of things. Tennis starting conference play. And basketball tournaments are starting. Let’s go!

Game Ball One:

Austin Dewey (wrestling)

The redshirt Senior Boise native finished second at the Pac-12 wrestling tournament. This garnered him his first NCAA appearance ever. So that, in turn, gets him an illustrious OBNUG Game Ball. Congratulations to Mr. Dewey and good luck to him in the NCAA.

Game Ball Two:

Brian Humphreys (golf)

The freshman phenom has been a club swinging force for the Broncos. He’s won two tournaments in his first year and he helped lead the Broncos to their first tournament win since 2013. I am not sure how any of the other schools are doing, nor frankly do I care, but I would like to be one of the firsts to nominate Mr. Humphreys as first team all-Mountain West, Golfer of the Year, and Freshman of the Year. Seems reasonable.

Game Ball Three:

Brooke Pahukoa (basketball)

In her final two regular season games, the sharp-shooting Bronco did not disappoint. Ms. Pahukoa scored 23 points in the win against Air Force and then 21 points for the Senior Night win over Fresno State. Pahukoa has had a solid career for Broncos shooty-hoops. A bummer all good things must come to an end. Congratulations to Ms. Pahukoa.

Game Ball Four:

Shani Remme (gymnastics)

Seems old-hat to put Ms. Remme in one of these slots but, well, she’s earned it again. Against Utah State she took another meet all-around and continued a strong ascent up the Bronco gymnastics rankings. She helped the Broncos maintain their no. 10 spot in the Road to Nationals rankings.

Game Ball Five:

Nick Duncan (basketball)

Going to be honest: I wish the Broncos had their three point explosion to help avoid a Senior Night loss to Fresno State. But oh well, them’s the breaks. The Broncos set a record with 20 made three pointers. And, while Mr. James Reid technically made more (8-17), had to give the game ball to the guy who made 5-6 of his threes. Mr. Duncan has had a rough senior campaign. But he at least ended the regular season on a good note. And a Game Ball!

Your Turn

That is a wrap for this week. Anything else?!