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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB tournament starts; Boise State Spring football is here!

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Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien
Michael Johnson, OBNUG.COM

Why are jokes about hats never funny?

Because they always go over your head.

Bronco WBB earn all-Mountain West Conference honors

Ms. Brooke Pahukoa earned All-Mountain West (her second honor). Ms. Marijke Vanderschaaf took Honorable Mention. And Ms. Riley Lupfer made the All-freshman team. Congratulations to the athletes, and Coach Gordy Presnell, for these honors. Now on to the Mountain West tournament!

Speaking of the women’s MWC tournament

#4 Broncos face off against #5 New Mexico at 3:30 p.m (click that previous link for a livestream). The two teams split the season: Lobos taking the first matchup 75-68 and the Broncos exacting their revenge later in the season 64-62. The Broncos are on a seven game winning streak. The Lobos are 3-4 in their last seven. The Broncos need to win MWC tournament for any hopes of a NCAA tournament berth. Good luck to the Broncos.

It’s Spring practice time for football!!!

And there was much rejoicing.

It is nice to have a taste of football back again.

ICYMI: OBNUG was there for football interviews!

We should all thank Michael for the pic of David Moa’s fierce mane!

Western Kentucky football players may have done a no-no

Yuck. In Coach Sanford’s first few months he may already have a big issue on his hands. Hope this gets figured out.


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