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Spring Camp Interviews With Coach Harsin, DT David Moa, and QB Brett Rypien

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Boise State defensive tackle, David Moa
Michael Johnson,

Today, the media got to meet with QB Brett Rypien and DT David Moa, as well as a session with Coach Harsin. This was the first media session at the outset of fall camp. Among the relevant pieces of information gleaned, these were what I found to be the most interesting and news-worthy:

  • Coach Harsin confirmed that QB coach and co-OC, Zak Hill, would alone be handling offensive coordinator and playcalling duties this upcoming season.
  • David Moa has in fact lost body weight this offseason, but his strength metrics are all improved. He will be moving from the nose tackle position into a three-technique DT role.
  • Coach Harsin has yet to name a replacement to the vacant offensive line coach position, but mentioned that O-line drills were being handled primarily by Nate Potter and Chris Ross with heavy input from veteran players on the offensive line.

Coach Harsin, Part 1

Coach Harsin, Part 2

#4 Quarterback, Brett Rypien

#55 Defensive Tackle, David Moa