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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State at the NFL Combine; Weekend sports

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A man wanted to impress his friend, so he stole a train.

The authorities said it was a “loco motive.”

Softball ends the weekend 1-3

The Broncos have cooled off, somewhat, from their 10-game win-streak. Still, at 12-5 that is not too shabby. The setback only sets the stage for an historic comeback so look out for another stretch of winning!

Tanner Vallejo has 40 yard dash face

And, well, it isn’t too bad.

Want to see Mr. Vallejo run his? Sure, why wouldn’t you.

Speaking of Boise State NFL Combine participants...

Vallejo and Jeremy McNichols had themselves quite the performance. I am kind of sad that Mr. McNichols did not bench press (he’s having surgery later) but I can only imagine he would have killed it.

Women’s golf takes fourth at tournament

The Broncos had been in second place entering the final day. Had done pretty well considering.

Women’s tennis falls as well

Came pretty close to taking down Oregon. Could not overcome the doubles losses.


You remember Bozo the Clown, right? Unless you’re afraid of clowns, you should see him bouncing around.