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Are you sufficiently hyped for Boise State spring ball?

I submit that you are not.

Boise State v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It’s been several weeks since we last got to view live football and several months since the wet fart known as the “Cactus Bowl” occurred. This knowledge should be more than enough to inform your brain to release some dopamine on Monday, with the start of Boise State spring camp. If not, let be your hype man.

Football is coming! Football is coming! Bonafide blue and orange football is coming! The 2017 Broncos (well, a good chunk of them anyway) put on helmets and pads in mere days. This is like the end of a long winter that happens to coincide with the actual end of a long winter. Universe really did us a solid.

“But I won’t get to see any spring camp, you handsome devils”, you’re probably saying. Well, NINE spring practices or scrimmages allow full or limited access to media and amazingly, OBNUG is part of that media. We've got you covered. Then, April 8th you can head down to Albertsons Stadium and watch some Bronco football in 4k HD. It will be your last gulps of football before entering the Kalahari Desert of the offseason...but by the time you're starting to hallucinate the OBNUG countdown will have started. We're gonna make it.

Storylines? We got those by the bowlful. For starters, Boise State just lost their O-line coach, who happened to be a dynamo recruiter who dabbled in OC duties. We also lost two safeties this offseason that we weren't scheduled to lose and have precious little experienced depth at that position. Forget it, Jake—it's Chinatown.

But there's more! We didn't just lose coaches and players since December...we've gained five fresh faces that will be suiting up next week. For those keeping score at home, that'd be Marques Evans, John Ojukwu, Zach Troughton, Mike Young, and Rathen Ricedorff. The latter is a QB, btw—y'know, to replace the other JC QB that left since the Briles Bowl. The dual-threat QB was the NJCAA Offensive Player of the Year at Mesa Community College and could provide some nice experience (he's like 35) to the QB room and help push Brett Rypien a little.

That's a heaping helping of scary, exciting football storylines that will consume the next month of our lives. I mean, isn't football what we need right now to unite us as a country? Let's not hate our political rivals...let's hate our SPORTS rivals. Let’s love OUR Broncos. Spring may not have sprung yet in the Treasure Valley (lousy Smarch weather), but on Monday it can spring in our hearts.