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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State speech and debaters win; So do the Spirit Squad; And Tennis!

BNP Paribas Open - Day 12 Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Where does a dog go if he loses his tail?

To the retail store.

Bronco men’s tennis gets a win against Eastern Washington

It has been a down year for men’s tennis. Going from the Mountain West Conference championship title match to just four wins this year. So anytime they can get these wins is crucial. The men have another home match this Thursday against UC Santa Barbara.

The men’s golf team is in 10th place

They head into the final round in Eugene tomorrow. But, hey, they aren’t last (that honor belongs to Gonzaga). Good luck to these guys as they go into the last round at the Oregon Duck Invitational.

Boise Hawks organization one step closer to new stadium

The new stadium would be in downtown Boise (Americana and Shoreline). Where there would be mix use and the possibility of a minor league pro soccer team. The Hawks Owner Jeff Eiseman did the radio rounds to talk about the acquisition. The mention of a possible Boise State baseball team came back up.

If the Broncos were able to figure something out, and successfully bring back a team, it would be quite the boon for the stadium and the Broncos as a whole. There has been quite a bit of baseball talent to come from the state of Idaho and keeping it in-state would be nice. I will say this: IF it were to happen, I would most definitely end up seeing a lot more Boise State games than I ever would the Boise Hawks (nothing against the Hawks of course).

Bronco spirit squad wins USA Collegiate Championship title—again

The Broncos earn back-to-back small coed title. And that is pretty awesome. What is interesting is that the small coed teams include San Jose State and Arizona State. While large included New Mexico State and University of California Merced (?). Some of these breakdowns are weird. Anyway, congratulations to the squad.

Talkin’ Broncos win fourth national title

I know I had mentioned it yesterday, but I wanted to make sure and get the official news on here. The championships were going along with #TreeFort. My what a busy weekend it was for the Boise area. More than 70 schools had participated in the event. And the Broncos whooped up on the competition. Apparently these students know how to speak good.

Congratulations to these Broncos and keeping the speech and debate tradition alive.


To me this looks like a bunch of gray scale. Somewhat satisfying for some odd reason.