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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State softball hits 20-win mark; Men’s tennis wins; Women’s tennis today

2017 Miami Open - Day 2 Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Why did Joe work at the shoe store?

He did it for the kicks.

Bronco softball hits the 20-win mark

They went 1-1 in Montana. Came close to sweeping, but they didn’t leave Missoula empty-handed at least. Good for the Broncos

Bronco men’s tennis gets a win in Las Vegas

This was a needed win as the Broncos (now) have three wins on the season. UNLV beat the Broncos last year for the Mountain West title. So, perhaps, Boise State can get on the right side of the win column now.

Bronco women’s tennis squares off against Dixie State today

One thing about watching the basketball tournament, and these other sports, is you get to hear about schools that apparently exist. Good luck to the Broncos as they head to St. George, Utah to face the Trailblazers.


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