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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State MBB lose; Gymnastics no. 2; Softball!

A Year in Focus with British Gymnastics Team Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

I asked my wife which neckwear looked better on me, red or blue.

She said it was a tie.

ICYMI: Bronco MBB fall against Illinois

While it is a bummer, the Broncos had a decent run. Another 20-win season for Leon Rice and Nick Duncan had himself quite the career.

And he had himself some pretty neat instances. Anyway, the future of Bronco MBB is going to be bright. (I am sad that James Reid was not able to participate due to a concussion. That must have been the worst.)

On a somewhat brighter note: Justinian Jessup set a Boise State record.

Paris Austin. Alex Hobbs. Malek Harwell (probably?). These are names we should look forward to putting together some great games in Bronco jerseys.

Boise State gymnastics is a no. 2 seed

I do no know much about collegiate gymnastics (or gymnastics as a whole if we are being honest) but the Broncos attained their highest seed in program history. And if you see the schools they are going to be going against in Lincoln? Whoo boy, that is going to be some tough sledding. But the Broncos haven’t been a top 10ish team for no reason. They will do just fine. Good luck to the Broncos and it will be nice to root for them in the next round.

Bronco softball at a double-header today in Montana

Good luck the softballers!

Jeremy McNichols got some fan mail

And, might I say, this kid knows what he’s talking about.

Though Mr. McNichols also runs great routes!


I am kind of reaching on this one. But you like Tile Games?