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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State at NCAA tournaments; Golfer of the week; Scott Huff

Tshwane Open - Previews Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

I was expecting my new knife to work well with meats.

But it is just not cutting it.

ICYMI: Yes, Scott Huff has left Boise State

It was a matter of time, really, when Coach Huff was going to move to “greener” pastures. Dude has been at Boise State in the coaching capacity for 12 years. That is a good chunk of time. Maybe an opportunity to do something a little different.

Again, another congratulations and well-wishes to the coach. He deserves it.

Want to see the Boise State drumline in action?

This was taken by OBNUG’s very own Michael Johnson. Enjoy!

You know what happens when you kill it at the MWC swimming & diving championships?

You get rewarded handsomely with NCAA invites. To the tune of three individual attendees: Brittany Aoyama, Emma Chard and Katelyn Martin. And all five of the relay teams will be in attendance. The NCAAs is going to have some serious competition, so good luck to the Broncos!

Boise State’s Brian Humphreys: good at golf

Good enough to be given the Golfer of the Week tag by the Mountain West Conference. Something tells me he is going to be kind of a good one for the Broncos.

Speaking of Broncos at the NCAA races

Our very own Ms. Sadi Henderson will also be repping the orange and blue. But this time, she’s playing for keeps! Or, something like that. As you may have guessed, she will be representing the Broncos in the 800 meters.

Side note: a lot of these competitions take place in College State. The MWC swimming & diving championships are always there and now the NCAA indoor track and field. It is almost as if they have some pretty good facilities down there or something.

Because it’s that NFL time of the year

In case you were wondering.

Jeremy McNichols is thick.


Man. Mike Tyson was kind of a weird dude. Wasn’t he?