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Analysis of Today's Interview With Bryan Harsin

Boise State Head Coach, Bryan Harsin
Michael Johnson,

The Interview

...not to be confused with the James Franco/Seth Rogen film of the same name, this interview features Boise State football's head man, Bryan Harsin.

Coach Harsin met with the media again today following the conclusion of the second week of spring camp, and here are some key takeaways from the segment:

  • Today's practice was a scrimmage, and when asked to single out a player that impressed, Harsin specifically indicated Joel Velazquez's work on field goals and extra points.
  • Later on in the interview, Harsin had some glowing commentary on the development of Ryan Wolpin's overall game. Said that Mahone has impressed with his running ability but insinuated he can still benefit from additional experience in other areas.
  • Harsin mentioned that coming off of spring break next week, in a departure from the usual M.O, that the players would be in shells right away, because he wants an early test of this team's mindset.
  • Discussed his excitement with the caliber of character and athletic ability displayed by the Broncos’ most recent signee, LB Joseph Inda.
  • Toward the end of the interview, Kekoa Nawahine was singled out as another player that has impressed in spring camp.
  • Overall the message seemed to keep circling back to the great depth that is being allowed to develop with so many starters out for the spring.
  • Harsin concluded the interview discussing the connection between all the athletic programs at Boise State and how each of them support one another extensively.