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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State MBB in the NIT; Softball wins; So do women’s tennis

Softball: PGF Nationals Championship (14U + 16U)-Beverly Bandits v South Dakota Renegades Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I finally passed my writing skills test.

Good writtens.

ICYMI: Bronco MBB made the NIT

And there was much rejoicing. In a year that ended in a bit of a disappointing thud, Coach Leon Rice, and crew, have the possibility to make up some ground and steal some wins in the NIT. We are going to try to find a way to do an NCAA-esque type bracket-buster to stay along. Hopefully the Broncos will be able to make me look good!

Bronco softball ends the non-conference season with big wins

And boy howdy were they ever big wins. The Broncos (17-5) have been on a tear the last few weeks.

To put this in perspective, the Broncos won all of 14 games last year. The year before that? 12. With this year’s iteration banking 17 wins, they already have 65% of two year’s worth of wins. Sources say the Broncos are trending UP! And that is a good thing.

I do not want to jinx anything but—well here goes—hot take: the Broncos end the season with more than 26 wins. Bank it!

Bronco women’s tennis win in Montana

Any win is a good win as far as I am concerned. Need to get all you can. And the women’s tennis team did a good.

Bronco beach volleyball also ends the weekend on a good note

Broncos (3-1) put up some wins down in California. The Broncos have a near-month layoff as the weather (hopefully) gets better in April. They have a pretty solid slate of Pac-12 opponents in Oregon, Stanford, California, and Washington left to go (and, well, Sacramento State too but that isn’t as impressive).

We may want to pay attention to the performances here as the beach team(s) is/are made up of the Mountain West Conference indoor volleyball champions. Last year the squad had a 5-6 record. And they already have three. So, possibly, they could end up with a winning record here.


Exclamations for the win!