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Spring Camp Defense Interviews With DC Andy Avalos, Chase Hatada, Sonatane Lui, and Ryan Wolpin

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Wednesday, we heard from the new OC and some offensive players. Following the pattern of the week for the start of Spring Camp, today the media got to meet with some defensive players, the defensive coordinator, and one offensive player—just to round things out. Today we learned that Hatada will be manning an end spot in the defense (for now), Coach Avalos still doesn’t like talking about turnovers, and we finally learned, from the man himself, how to properly pronounce ‘Sonatane’! That’s been a comedy of inconsistencies across a number of coaches and other players. Apparently, literally all of them have been saying it wrong.

We’ll start things off with the shot-caller of the defense:

BSU Defensive Coordinator, Andy Avalos

BSU NT, #98 Sonatane Lui

BSU DE, #93 Chase Hatada

BSU RB, #30 Ryan Wolpin