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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State athletes get honors; NCAA Bracketology

Gymnastics - Rhythmic - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

One of the local breweries hired a man with one leg.

He’s in charge of the hops.

Paris Austin: Mountain West Conference player of the week

He’s been pretty stellar for the Broncos coming off the bench. Good to see his hard work not only paying dividends on the court, but also getting recognized for it off.

Congratulations Mr. Austin! Well-deserved.

While we are on the subject of Boise State basketball

Joe Lunardi of ESPN has Boise State as a #14 seed against Kentucky. Woof. Still only has the Mountain West Conference as a single-bid league. And that would be warranted. The conference is at its best when San Diego State, UNLV, and New Mexico are also doing well (just not at the expense of Boise State mind you!). That perceived strength is what got Boise State an at-large bid a couple of years ago. That luck would not hold this year.

Bronco gymnasts: still winning lots of awards

The conference only has four teams. And the Broncos are really good, so it stands to reason that they win their fare share of these weekly honors. But anyway. The Broncos took down no. 11 Southern Utah quite convincingly.

Speaking of the Broncos gymnastics putting in work...

The Broncos have reached their highest ranking in program history—no. 8! Just in case you guys were not aware, this is a pretty big deal. If you look at the names that are surrounding Boise State, they are in some good company. Last year’s team did not get this high, and they were undefeated in the regular season! The Broncos have been putting up some high scores this year, and it shows.


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