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Lyle Smith gains some power


Lyle Smith, the unquestioned godfather of Boise State football is now the godfather of rolling hard as he was gifted a brand-new power chair today courtesy of donors like YOU. Earlier this month, a GoFundMe page was set up with the goal of acquiring a power chair for the centenarian Bronco legend. Of course, Bronco Nation came through in no time and raised the $4,000 needed for the chair in less than a week. Why was a crowdfunding effort needed, when the $4k was a mere drop in the bucket to wealthy donors and coaches? Well, the fundraiser author Dan Lukehart (yep, same Lukeharts), an ex-Boise State D-lineman wanted the community to be able to pony up the funds for the former coach and AD...and well, they did.

Today, Lukehart and others presented the power chair from Norco Medical to Smith at his digs at Hillcrest Assisted Living Community in Boise and of course, the chair came with some Bronco bling. According to the Statesman’s Dave Southorn, Smith was more than happy to receive the new wheels, as he’d been needing the aid of a walker since a fall last year. Of course, Smith is still working toward not needing the assistance of a walker or a chair and vowed to pass the dope ride along to any other Broncos in need of a lift once he was done with it.

Smith will be 101 in a few weeks and I’m sure the gift will make him a much more confident sideline attendee come spring camp (which starts in a week, btw). The question now becomes; will these fit the new chair?

Oh yeah...and here’s your yearly reminder that Lyle Smith once went to Idaho’s “primitive area” and brought back a live bear because Moscow High needed a mascot, doggone it.