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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State gymnastics moves up; Wrestling; Football camp

Wrestling: Who's #1 Duals Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I have a friend who was frozen to absolute zero once.

He was 0k.

Bronco wrestling in sixth place at the Pac-12 championships

It has been a down couple of years for Bronco wrestling, but there are some bright spots. Austin Dewey and Fred Green have been performing well over the year. There is a lot of talent going forward for the Broncos, just have to keep slugging along.

And Mr. Dewey will be in the NCAAs, so that is awesome.

Boise State gymnasts moved up to no. 10

This came after a really close loss to Alabama on Friday. While the Broncos did lose, their score was actually good enough for their total ranking to move up. Only Denver (at no. 7) was the other non-Power 5 school in the top 10.

Want to sign up for a Boise State football camp?

Well you probably cannot, but if you have a kid who wanted to learn from Boise State coaches, here is your chance. Only one is an overnight camp but there are some opportunities there.


It is a Monday. So get some Useless Facts to fill your day.