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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! Mattison and Pierce Address Media, Basketball Back, MWITF Championships

San Jose State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

New Broncos meet with the media for the first time

Specifically, Alexander Mattison and DeAndre Pierce. Pretty dang impressive dudes. Pierce’s favorite motto is “The separation is in the preparation” and he really seems to take it to heart—he kept going on and on about how important it is to put in the extra work, and to never feel like you’re above it because of status you may have already achieved. Mattison, aside from being a very gifted running back and one of the more academically aggressive people I’ve been around, also seems like the kind of dude that would have your daughter home by like nine. On the dot.

Impressive fellows, both.

Basketball is back!

Bronco football players still working out. Super early.

Which is, I guess, what you do when you’re building a resilient, elite college football team or whatever. It’s just so early to be lifting! Every day! And keep in mind that these kids can’t take a lot of the pre-workout powders that are totally kosher and greenlit for public consumption. The NCAA has some interesting rules. say the least.

Bronco coaching tree has many branches

As one keen Twitterer observed, if this list included past Boise State coaches, it would also have the head coaches of the Chicago Bears (John Fox— 1980 *won a D-1AA national championship), Tampa Bay Bucanneers (Dirk Koetter—1998-2000), and the Indianapolis Colts (Chuck Pagano (1987-88)

Day 2 of the MW Indoor Track and Field Championships

Playing hardball with some soft ones

Also...softballs aren’t soft. I can personally attest to this.

Just barely went down to the No.4 team in the country

Nothing at all to be ashamed of. That’s still a killer performance.

Tennis update

Rice. Hmmph! I knew there was a reason I only liked the ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Leon’ varieties. And I guess ‘Anne’, because “Interview With A Vampire” wasn’t my least favorite movie ever.

On the bright side for neon, fuzzysphere-ists...


Space is never not interesting