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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State gymnastics awards; Group of Five returning players; Bracketology

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Olympics: Gymnastics-Women's Qualifications Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

What is ET short for?

Because he’s got small legs.

Bronco gymnasts are no. 12 and snag a bunch of honors

It’s almost unfair how many honors these ladies get weekly. (Note: almost.) The Broncos have been putting away their opponents quite handily and continue a pretty awesome run. With Alabama (yes, the Crimson Tide) up next the Broncos will have their work cut out for them as they try to put together at top scoring away meet.

Top 10 Group of Five football players next season

No, no Broncos. But there are two players on teams that Boise State plays next season. So that should be something fun to look for.

Boise State a no. 14 seed in USA Today NCAA bracketology

Never really been a fan of these considering so many things change in such a little amount of time. Boise State is (projected) as the only Mountain West team. Which makes sense. The league has been pretty down overall. What with San Diego State in the middle of the pack, UNLV at the bottom, and New Mexico having a “meh” year, it does not lend well to the credibility of the overall strength of the conference. But Boise State has Nevada up next. So that should be fun.

ICYMI: Drew wrote about the talented Melika Ghali

Mr. Ghali has got some talent!


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