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Bronco track team has its own Biz Markie

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for T-Mobile

With a belief that soft news is much preferable to no news, bad news, or (gasp) FAKE NEWS—KBOI brings us the story of Melika Ghali, who is one part Nick Symmonds—competing in the 800m for the Bronco track and field team—and one part that dude from Police Academy that made you wear out your VHS copy of the groundbreaking hit.

The redshirt sophomore, a native of Toronto, requires no ipod as he runs as he is able to summon his own beats from where most of us just summon wheezing. Ghali (no relation to Boutros- Boutros) really lets the spittle fly as he’s flying ‘round the track, and says his repertoire is constantly expanding.

Is a collaboration between Ghali and Bronco football alum Faraji Wright (Rexx Life Rajj) in the cards? One can only hope. Maybe OBNUG will introduce the two and they can be the next Biz Markie and Doug E Fresh. Keep beating opponents, Melika and keep beating those boxes while you’re at it.