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Broncos Hang On To Down Wyoming

Michael Johnson,

Broncos 91, Cowboys 87

Officials got involved often at the onset, with the multiple calls on each team in the early going. Broncos had a lot of energy early with a monster dunk by Hutch, a 3 by Duncan (who must have returned the mummy back to its tomb to get off his rough streak—wise choice. We need you, mate!), and a few emphatic defensive denials. Five minutes in the Broncos were up 12-5.

After a few less productive possessions and a couple seconds of being tied, Paris broke the stalemate with a layup to make the score 15-13. Unfortunately Wyoming immediately answered to pull ahead by one: 15-16, Cowboys. Minutes later, 20-26. Tough stretch for the Broncos.

After some Wacker heroics and decent defense, the Wyoming lead had dwindled from six down to just one: 27-28, Cowboys with 3:48 left in the half.

At the half, the Broncos were trailing 41-37. Paris Austin had a killer first half, leading the team with 14. Hutchison had 8 at the break, in support. Broncos made 13 of 27 FGs.

Second half

After being a bit nitpicky early, the officials had called an even game and got some praise from the peanut gallery with a “Hey ref, you haven’t sucked today! Good job!” This earned a thumbs up from the official.

Meanwhile, a three from Reid and 2s from Wacker and Austin had pulled the Broncos ahead again, 44-43.

Austin then decided that wasn’t enough showing off and he put in another 3. The man had 19 points with over 16 minutes left in the game. Duncan decided he wanted in on the three party as well...and then Hutchinson. After an onslaught of threes by the three, 3-sassins, and a few timely 2s by others, the Broncos were up 60-47. By the next timeout, the game had completely turned around.

A few minutes later, Hobbs added another 3-pointer, and Hutch added a layup to bring the score to 69-59 with 6:41 remaining.

2:10 to go, and the Broncos had pulled ahead on a 3 from Reid, and a couple of monster plays from Duncan and Austin to make the score 82-73, Broncos.

A flurry of threes by Wyoming made the game interesting late, and the refs really seemed to chime in and do their part on that count with some questionable calls. In the end, however, 25 points from Hutch and 27 from Paris Austin and solid games from the rest were just too much. Broncos move to 17-8 and 10-4 in conference.