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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB plays tonight; George Iloka playing; Las Vegas Bowl announcing crew

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Las Vegas Bowl

I once had to see an eye doctor on an Alaskan island.

Turns out he was an optical Aleutian.

Broncos WBB tip off tonight at Taco Bell Arena

If you have a chance to see the Broncos play, you should try and make it. Should be an entertaining one as it is the University of Washington Huskies coming to town.

USA Today released the database of CFB assistant salaries

For the Group of Five schools, Boise State clocks in pretty decent for pay for assistants. Check it out to see where the Broncos rank in relation to the other FBS schools. (I mean, it’s still kinda low when compared to the likes of the SEC, but still.)

Tyrone Crawford is excited to be facing Eli Manning

Then I guess Crawford is lucky that Ben McAdoo got fired when he did.

Loyola-Chicago downs no. 5 Florida

That’s... kind of a big deal. At least for Boise State MBB’s RPI and strength of schedule. Especially when you consider Boise State ran the Ramblers out of Taco Bell Arena by over 30 points. And Washington took down no. 2 Kansas as well. A night full of upsets.

Not sure if we want to take that Washington upset with a grain of salt but, apparently, Boise State took them down by 18 points. So... maybe we should start filling up Taco Bell Arena?

No more suspension for George Iloka

But still a hefty fine. Hit sure seemed serious when it happened, but I guess if the appeals folks thought it was “ok” then so be it.

Doug Martin returns to practice for the Buccaneers

He was in concussion protocol previously. Hopefully this means he will be able to lace it up this Sunday.

Las Vegas announcing crew going to have ESPN’s ‘A’ crew

While the announcing will be fine, I am just REALLY looking forward to the first half being about the CFP that Boise State isn’t a part of. And the third quarter consisting entirely of an interview with Oregon’s new head coach. And the fourth quarter an interview with Tanner Mangum’s mom.


Here is a quick measurement converter Raccoonverter.