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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: VB player gets honor; George Iloka suspended; Oregon loses coach

Mountain West Championship - Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

My grandfather has the heart of a lion.

And a lifetime ban from the Boise Zoo.

George Iloka suspended for a game for his hit on Antonio Brown

Which makes sense. That was a play that was intended to hurt someone. Could have ended a lot worse for Antonio Brown.

Orlando Scandrick has two fractures in his back

Yet his status is still ‘uncertain.’ That is crazy. One would think that, with a broken back, it would be pretty certain you were not playing in a game. But I guess if he’s willing to go out there and give it a shot (with a doctor’s blessing) more power to him.

Who knew that the HC at Oregon is just a stopover?

Willie Taggart has taken the job at Florida State. And with that there are going to be open questions about the possibility of Bryan Harsin taking that job. Who knows at this point. This could cause some considerable distraction for the Ducks in a couple of weeks. The folks at Addicted to Quack aren’t taking it too well. If you decide to head over there, I would suggest just lurking for the time being. Don’t need to get caught up in that mess.

Volleyballer Sierra Nobley earns award

Because, frankly, she’s really good at it. The Bronco senior got this award three times. That’s a program first and pretty great.


Doodle Per Diem.