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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: MBB wins; So does WBB; Softball with a commit; How did the coaches vote in top-25?

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The sweater my kids gave me last Christmas kept picking up static electricity.

So I had to return it free of charge.

ICYMI: Boise State headed to Las Vegas

Pretty hard to miss this, but just a reminder. Going to be a good matchup. And, with it set as a glorified by week, just as well. Keep the team in a sort of rhythm and gives everyone flexibility near Christmas. Unless the game is a New Years 6 bowl game, might as well get it over with sooner than later.

Curious about where the other schools are going?

Probably not. But this details what the other schools will be doing during their post-season. While these are just glorified exhibition games, it can be a springboard for the next season’s expectations. And anytime the Mountain West can perform well against the other conferences, the better.

Boise State MBB adds another W to the column

And, here is a thing, Boise State’s Chandler Hutchison apparently got the first triple-double in program history. Well, as far as the official books are concerned.

That... is a shocker to me. I would have figured that a triple-double wouldn’t be so rare. But considering the college game is 20 minutes shorter than the pros, I shouldn’t be so surprised. Especially since it is the fifth in MWC history as well?

Bronco WBB also snagged a win against Eastern Washington

It was a family affair as well for Bronco guard Braydey Hodgins.

Bronco softball picked up a recruit over the weekend

Want to see where the coaches voted for their top-25?

Mind you, these are just the coaches that released theirs to the public.

Bryan Harsin including Fresno State is a nice touch. Leaving out San Diego State. Nice touch. And UCF at no. 4? I like it. Because he’s respecting the effort that the G5 schools are putting in. Good on him. Hopefully if the tables are ever turned, whoever is coaching UCF at that time, reciprocates.


Raccoons and butter.