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Predict the score: Boise State vs. Oregon

Nevada v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Viva Las Vegas! And the bowl game! And, probably, the only time Oregon will play Boise State even semi-willingly. Should be a fun game and—hopefully—a good way to send of the Broncos’ seniors.


  • Ryan Wolpin total yards
  • Gabe Perez tackles
  • Blake Whitlock tackles

What do I get if I win?


What about the Fresno State (part II) predict the score?

Well now this is a thing. LVkit totally nailed the final score 17-14 Boise State. It was so on the noes, and close to kickoff, that I had to check his timestamp and when they actually kicked off. By jove, he got it. Congratulations LVkit.

Your turn

Last one for the year. Cherish it folks.