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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: WBB Wins; Jay Ajayi’s role on the Eagles; Demarcus Lawrence

SMU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I got a parking ticket for being parked illegally the other day and I’m not sure why.

The sign clearly said, “Fine for Parking.”

Bronco WBB snagged their third win in a row

This Broncos team is starting to get some steam and, hopefully, keep up their trajectory.

Eagles pivoting to Jay Ajayi

Which was inevitable. And now that Carson Wentz could be out with an ACL injury the Eagles will be relying on Ajayi a lot more as the season rolls along. All of these injuries to the NFLs’ marquee players is quite disappointing. Ajayi should be ready to rise to the occasion of point-man for the Eagles’ offense.

Doug Martin may be done in Tampa Bay

Which is a bummer. Having to finish out his suspension at the beginning of the year didn’t set the tone for a great year. Looking forward to a bounce-back, but the odds are looking grim. Perhaps moving to a different team will give him a fresh start that he needs.

Demarcus Lawrence: not a fan of the refs

He had some words (NSFW ones) for the officiating over the last stretch. Methinks he’s about to get a hefty fine for what he’s said.

Hey! Guess who is on this list of Heisman nominees!!

Three top-ten finishes. Not too shabby.


Check out this card trick.