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Boise State clocks in at 10th in Learfield Directors Cup

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

While we are all aware that “football pays the bills” the goal for each school is to have an athletics department that is well-rounded in its success. A measure of that success is the fine folks at the Learfield Directors Cup. This measures the achievements of each school in a respective sport in the post-season and awards points accordingly. The Directors Cup is a good indicator for how well each school is investing in their “other” sports. From coaches, facilities, and athletes.

How Boise State measures against other schools allows us to see if the school is “directionally correct” in how they are managing their resources. Sometimes Boise State “gets hot” and has a string of success (think last year with the women’s basketball, and volleyball making the post-season). And other times, that same success is harder to achieve.

Yesterday the Directors Cup released a “to this point” update to the scores.

And Boise State? Pretty good actually.

The points that are reflective, so far, are Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Cross Country, and Women’s Field Hockey.

A 10th place finish among all schools? That’s pretty incredible. Especially considering the Broncos automatically lose out on any points at all because they don’t offer field hockey at all. (Again, this flashes back to the overall strength of an athletics department and its ability to field teams—money.)

If you recall Allie Ostrander, with her fourth place finish at NCAA Nationals, led the women to a sixth-place finish. This gave the Broncos 73.5 points. And the Mens’ team garnered 55.

As the year goes along, we will see the Broncos start to fade. Not a bad thing per se since they won’t have teams participating in certain events. And the teams that are competing not having much post-season success.

(The volleyball team is a good example of this. They made the NCAA last year, and even had a first-round win, but failed to make it this year, and got bounced out of the NIVC first round.)

But having the Broncos make an appearance over schools such as Wisconsin, Washington, Ole Miss, and Texas is a positive. The Broncos are having success while not having the same funding as these other schools. This success is another consideration for Power 5 conferences when they look for additions. How much success is a potential school going to have, and will said school be able to add value to other areas. Not just football.