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GameThread for Boise State vs Nevada

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since we've seen the Woof Pack, but if history is any indicator this should be win 15 out of 16 for the Broncos. Of course, the Broncos could bring their UVA effort and 1-7 Nevada could summon something circa 2007 (or...gulp...2010). The Broncos are looking to win out to clinch their spot in the title game but they've got a tough 3 game stretch after tonight's know what that means:

You still have time (but not much) to get down to Albertsons Stadium and if you're staying home (like me...sick wife), you can tune into ESPU or 670 KBOI for the proceedings. Damien and Casey will be in the booth and Michael is taking my place on the sidelines. As usual, we'll be along after the game for postgame commentary and recap.