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Bronco baseball has a coach

Bob Kustra’s “pet project” of building a baseball team had looked like a pipe dream for a long time, but with Kustra announcing his retirement effective at the end of June, his project has been kicked in to high gear. First the Broncos announced that they wouldn’t be backing the proposed downtown stadium project but building their own baseball park near campus, and now Boise State’s first baseball coach (in the “new” era) has been chosen—Gary Van Tol.

Van Tol should be a familiar name to the Boise baseball community, as he was the skipper in the Chicago Cubs development organization for 11 years...meaning that he was a manager and coach for the Boise Hawks and then the Eugene Emeralds when the Hawks became a Rockies affiliate. Van Tol, a Gonzaga-alum, coached at his alma mater before joining the Hawks, and prior to that had stints at University of Portland, TVCC, and Centralia College. As luck would have it, Gary’s wife Christina also has a fairly close connection to the Broncos—she’s currently the Senior Associate Athletic Director. Lest you think there’s any favoritism or nepotism at play, however, Gary’s resumé and connections to the Treasure Valley speak for themselves.

Van Tol can now begin the arduous task of recruiting, public relations, and helping fund-raise for the baseball program...a program that is set to start competing in Mountain West play for the 2020 season. The finalists for the job were said to have been Van Tol (obviously...and the odds-on favorite from day one), Jordan Twohig (CSUN), Donegal Fergus (UW), and Matt Bragga (Tennessee Tech).