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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Bronco WBB wins; VB gets to the post-season; Doug Martin concussed

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear about the mother that gave birth during a flight?

You could say the baby was airborne.

Bronco VB headed to the post season

The NIVC is the volleyball equivalent to the NIT. It’s awesome that the team is continuing on their season. Unfortunately, after last year, this year could be considered a disappointment. The Broncos had returned all but two starters from last year’s championship run and ended up tied for third. Hopefully the Broncos can make a run in this tournament and rack up some wins.

Bronco WBB wins in dominating fashion

And Bronco Marta Hermida netted the Broncos’ second-ever triple-double. Weird, huh? The Broncos were able to bounce back from some losses while they were at a tournament in Hawai’i. But it was a nice way of coming back home.

ICYMI: Bronco football hosting the MWC championships

It will be important to get as many folks in the stadium as possible so hope to see you there!

Jay Ajayi only gets six touches in yesterdays Eagles’ win

With a mid-season trade like this it kind of stands to reason that they haven’t really implemented him yet. He’s probably still playing catchup with a lot of the calls, routes, etc. These things just don’t happen overnight. But the Eagle still put a 31-3 hurt on the Chicago Bears.

Doug Martin suffers a concussion yesterday

Yuck. Mixed with his suspension, Martin’s season has been a rough one.

Matt Paradis gets a quote about Denver QB Trevor Siemian

The AFC West as a whole has been... disappointing. So far the only division without a team with seven wins. And this is after the division was considered one of the toughest. But, I guess, you could argue it’s kind of competitive as the Kansas City Chiefs are 6-5, the Los Angeles Charges and the Raiders sit at 5-6, and the Denver Broncos are 3-8. Not Good.


Are you a baseball fan? Ever wanted to mark length in terms of Jose Altuves? Well here you go.