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Broncos tame the Lions

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Northwest v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Final Boise State 68 LMU 48

This was an odd game to follow. The Broncos were hot, the Broncos were cold, the Broncos were hot aaaaaand fin.

The Broncos had a bit of an up-and-down first half. They started pretty hot, going up early. Jessup played solid in his start in Hutchison’s place. He closed out the first half 5 of 8 for 12 pts. Hobbs was the next closest with 6. At one point they were up 24-15, but LMU came roaring back and closed to within 3 at the half. The Broncos were 12-30 from the field (40%) and just 25% from the 3-point line (3-12). They were, however, 2-2 from the free throw line (thanks Hobbs). Also, something super confusing for me to start: LMU has a Haney on their team as well. Steven Haney is #12 for Loyola and Zach Haney is #11 for the Broncos. I love it when we have the good twin on our team.

LMU didn’t shoot all that great themselves, just 11-27 (41%). They missed both of their free throws and were 4-11 from 3 (36%). Haney was their leading scorer at the half with 9 points.

Poor shooting continued to start the second half, while Loyola started hot. It turned around, with about 10 minutes left. The Broncos finally decided to shake off the funk and went on a 22-2 run over 8+ minutes. After being down 34-40 just after the start of the half, the Broncos lead 63-44 with 2 minutes left. The Broncos finished with 4 players in double digit points, lead by Jessup’s 22. Fueled by stout defense and improved shooting, the Broncos finished the half strong.

The Broncos finished 21-54 from the field (39%) and 9-26 (35%) from the 3-point line. Big difference makers in this game were rebounds and free throws. The Broncos shot 81% from the free throw line (17-21) and out-rebounded Loyola 48-24, which is bonkers. Loyola was 32% from the field and 21% from behind the arc. They shot 71% from the free throw line (7-10).

The Broncos take on Loyola-Chicago on Tuesday at home.