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GameThread for Boise State vs Fresno State

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It's Boise State vs Fresno State and this time it's for all most some of the marbles. Today, the Broncos will get to play the first 4 quarters of an 8 quarter odyssey...the conclusion of which will be next week (almost certainly) on The Blue. The two schools are somewhat evenly matched, but the Broncos look to have an offensive edge. Will it show up today? Well, I hope so because the coveted Milk Can is on the line. If you happen to be in Fresno for Thanksgiving (and let's be honest—why wouldn't you be?), you should probably head down to Bulldog Stadium. If you're at home in Boise or elsewhere, you'll want to tune in to CBS Sports Network or tune your radio to 670 KBOI for the live action. We'll just be hanging out around OBNUG and the twitter with reactions to the game, so make yourself a leftover turkey sandwich and join in the (hopefully) fun.