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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State soccer plays; WBB preseason no. 1; MBB exhibition game

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you guys liked October.

Because it is Octover.

Bronco WBB voted no. 1 in preseason poll

While the Broncos lose two prominent athletes in Brooke Pahukoa and Yaiza Rodriguez, this Boise State squad is looking formidable with Shalen (Shay) Shaw, who is a four-time all-MWC preseason selection, and some young pieces ready to break out. This is going to be a fun team to watch so try and make a game, or two or three, if you can.


Bronco MBB in an exhibition game tonight

Unfortunately they weren’t able to do their Portland State exhibition for charity, but this one gives you a chance to watch the Broncos before it’s “go time” in the regular season.

Bronco soccer plays against no. 2 San Diego State in MWC semi-finals

Boise State beat Air Force 2-0 on Tuesday and face a formidable Aztec squad. Keep a lookout for that score later in the day.

Really late to the party: Jay Ajayi to the Eagles

Which is kind of a head-scratcher considering the Dolphins are garbage and traded away their only guy worth much. The article emphasizes him being a “team guy” since Miami had some pretty slanderous things to say about Ajayi. No matter. He went from 4-3 to 7-1 overnight. Whaddyagonna do?

(Edit: previous post had Ajayi to the Jets because the author of this blog post is a fool.)

Demarcus Lawrence: Yeah, he’s kind of ok

Why beating Boise State could be worth more to Nevada than beating UNLV

Makes sense. I just hope Nevada does not win.


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