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Basketball GameThread: Boise State vs Iowa State

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For all the Puerto Rico Tip-off marbles

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it took an improbably finish against UTEP and dominance over Illinois State to get here, but the Broncos can claim a Puerto Rico Tip-off crown by defeating the Iowa State Cyclones tonight. The 2-2 Big-12 team has had some rough losses to start the season, going down to Milwaukee and Missouri, but like the Broncos have had a great tourney—defeating Appalachian State and Tulsa to reach the final. The Cyclones were a 24-win team that made the NCAA tourney last year, so this will be a great test for the Broncos, who've been relying on young talent and a heaping helping of Hutchison thus far this season. If you aren't too enthralled in the Philadelphia-Dallas game, maybe check it out—it'll be on ESPN2 starting at 5:30 MT.