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Predict the score: Boise State vs. Air Force

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Air Force v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Last week’s game was nuts and I was on pins and needles. This week I am on pins and needles, but for a whole set of different reasons.


  • Jake Roh catches
  • Gabe Perez tackles
  • Brock Barr snaps

(I went with all seniors on this one and only found Barr with an easily obtainable metric.)

What do I get if I win?

Smug satisfaction

What about the LoLorado State predict the score?

Talk about nuts, amiright?! So no one got it exactly. And, frankly, no one was really any sort of close to what the actual scores were. So I went with one that kinda had a mixture of getting it right (at least margin of victory) and came the closest (close-ish) to the actual score. BSUinTenn was only three touchdowns away (for both teams) with a guess of 38-31 Boise State.

So, congrats BSUinTenn?

Your turn

Ok guys. Take your best guesses.