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John Mackey Award Announces the eight semifinalists

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New Mexico v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

One could argue that Boise State tight end Jake Roh is having a pretty good year for himself. After coming back from an injury-laden junior season, Mr. Roh has made himself an indispensable part of the Boise State offense. So much that he’s the team leader in TD receptions with nine (Cedrick Wilson only has six TDs on the season). And Roh is tied for second on the team in total scoring with 11 TDs (Alexander Mattison is tied with Roh). Haden Hogarth leads the team in scoring, natch, with 79 total points.

Mr. Roh is also second on the Broncos with total receptions at 38 (Wilson leads that category with 53) and second in receiving yards with 40.8 yards/game.

On a national comparison Mr. Roh still represents quite well for himself. He leads the nation in receiving TDs for a tight end. Add in the fact that he also has two rushing TDs, he’s got more total TDs than any other tight end in the nation.

For their part, the Boise State social media mavens stumped for Mr. Roh for the John Mackey Award given to the nation’s top tight end.

Mr. “Wide Open Over The Middle” indeed. As stated above, he’s contributions to the team are quite tangible and necessary for the Broncos’ overall success.

Well today the folks at the John Mackey Award released their eight semifinalists.

Oh goody!!! We get to find where Roh is on—oh what’s this?

Excuse me?

There seems to be a bit of a mistake. Of the eight names I see on here (who I can only assume are fine gentleman) I seem to not see one very important name. The tight end who leads the nation (in that position) in receiving TDs, let alone total TDs for a tight end.

The tight end who has nine receiving TDs by his lonesome. For comparison: Hayden Hurst of South Carolina and Mark Andrews of Oklahoma, who are on the list, COMBINED have six receiving TDs. Nothing against those guys per se but, what?! For more stats on these guys, you can check out CBS Sports’ stats.

This omission from the list is an egregious error and quite startling. You would think that an award that is meant to go to the best tight end in the FBS division, you would think that would include the actual best tight end.

As the season goes on, I am sure that Roh is more concerned about winning the next two games and representing the Mountain Division in the MWC championship game. He is, I am guessing, less concerned about the John Mackey award than winning games.

But this is the internet. And we are irrational fans. We will carry the burden of being angry about individual awards for Mr. Roh. It is our duty.