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Boise State Game Balls for week of October 5th

Nevada v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

There was a lot going on last week. And a lot of Game Balls to dish out. Let’s go!

Game Ball One:

Brian Humphreys (golf)

Another top ten finish for the Bronco at the Ka’Anapali Classic Collegiate. A third for the sophomore. He led the Broncos to an eight-place finish out of 20.

Game Ball Two:

Sierra Nobley (volleyball)

Big part of the Broncos’ sweep last week. She continued to add to her MWC record-holding career and got some wins that the team was sorely lacking.

Game Ball Three:

Marta Hermida (basketball)

Ms. Hermida almost recorded the Broncos’ first triple-double in 30 years. She recorded 12 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists. Admittedly Coach Gordy Presnell didn’t realize she was that close to history. Which I read as he would have left her in to get there. No matter. An OBNUG Game Ball is just as good.

Game Ball Four:

Alex Hobbs (basketball)

In the Broncos’ opening game of the season Mr. Hobbs recorded a game-high 21 points while hitting 9 for 9 scoring. A couple of assists and a rebound. (Pssst: he’s kind of good at this thing.)

Game Ball Five:

Allie Ostrander (XC)

One would be hard-pressed to find a time where there is any official race that Ms. Ostrander appears that she wouldn’t then get a Game Ball. So you can be rest-assured that if there is a race, she’s going to make an appearance later on. And this is no different. Ostrander got herself a second-place finish at the West XC Regionals. I do still get some cognitive dissonance when I see a finish other than first. But it happens. She led all Broncos (men and women) with this finish. And it helped propel the women’s team to an at-large berth to the NCAA Nationals. That performance also got her this internet kudo. So, there’s that.

Game Ball Six:

Miler Haller (XC)

Mr. Haller led the Bronco men’s group with an eight place finish in the West Regionals. His finish also helped the Broncos get a Nationals at-large berth. For both teams to make an appearance is rare, so this is a great result. Also: a Game Ball. So yay!

Game Ball Seven:

Alexander Mattison (football)

So this is a no-brainer. Any dude who gets 242 rushing yards and three TDs is going to be a Game Ball. Mattison came up HUGE for the Broncos and his efforts cannot be overstated. This one is well-deserved.

Game Ball Seven:

Coaching (football)

This is a hard one because the Broncos came away from Fort Collins with a fantastic win. There are going to be a ton of articles and videos about how the Broncos won this game. And it does start with coaching. From the adjustments at the half to the onside kick to the playcalling. It all matters. If I tried to list all the individual athletes it would be the rest of the team. So we are going to start here and we can continue in the comments.

Your Turn

All right folks. Light up the comments.