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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Demarcus swag, Odhiambo’s status, All the injuries

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Why was the Lego man sick?

He had a blocked nose.

Want to buy Demarcus Lawrence apparel?

I am not sure how/where his ‘Tank’ nickname came from. But you can put it on a sweater and represent. I am lowkey bummed it does not have anything Boise State-related but them’s the breaks.

New England Patriots still waiting for Shea McClellin’s return

I wish we knew more about the nature of McClellin’s injury. Because I wouldn’t want to be a super-serious longterm injury. Rooting McClellin to get back on the field for the Patriots.

Rees Odhiambo could be playing on Sunday

That is a... tight turnaround. I would hope that the Seahawks’ team doctors (or just doctors in general) have Odhiambo’s best interests in mind and make sure he is ACTUALLY ready to come back. But, if he is ready, I will be glad he is back on the field.

Tanner Vallejo’s presence on Bills’ special teams is felt

He’s still only got one tackle to his name. But, dadgummit, he’s going to play special teams with gusto!

Jamar Taylor limited in Browns’ practice

He’s got a rib issue. But may see some game time this weekend.

A sports reporter was inspired to, well, become a sports reporter after watching Fiesta Bowl I

Obviously that game has been changing lives left and right for folks. This reporter got inspired by Boise State. Can’t blame her.

(99% percent of the story is about Cam Newton’s sexist comments. But still. I feel the important takeaway from this is Boise State is awesome and it sparked a career.)


You know what I have always wanted to do? Instantly compare two foods. That website lets me do that very thing. That makes me happy.