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BYU Anagram Roster

Wisconsin v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

  • Brigham Young University = Be A Misty Roughing Ivy Run
  • Provo, Utah = Thou Vapor
  • Kalane Sitake = Anti Kale Sake

Offensive starters for BYU

  • WR: Jonah Trinnaman = Ham Nor Ninja Ant
  • WR: Talon Shumway = Low Sauna Myth
  • LT: Thomas Shoaf = Of Oath Shams
  • LG: Keyan Norman = On Meany Nark
  • C: Tejan Koroma = A Major Token
  • RG: Tuni Kanuch = A Chunk Unit
  • RT: Austin Hoyt = Hiatus Tony
  • TE: Tanner Balderree = Bantered Learner
  • WR: Aleva Hifo = Five Aloha
  • RB: Squally Canada = Call Any A Squad
  • QB: Tanner Mangum = Mr Nun Magnate

Defensive starters for BYU

  • DE: Corbin Kaufusi = Furious In Back
  • DT: Handsome Tanielu = A Lemonade Sin Hut
  • DT: Kesni Tausinga = Nauseating Ski
  • DE: Sione Takitaki = I Sneak Iota Kit
  • SLB: Fred Warner = Fern Drawer
  • MLB: Butch Pau‘u = A Cutup Hub
  • WLB: Matt Hadley = The Mat Lady
  • CB: Troy Warner = Ornery Wart
  • SS: Micah Hannemann = Hmm An Ah Cane Inn
  • FS: Zayne Anderson = Endears No Zany
  • CB: Dayan Ghanwoloku = Unhook A Glad Yawn

Special Teams

  • P: Jonny Linehan = Eh Ninja Nylon
  • PK/K: Rhett Almond = Malted Thorn
  • HOLD: Gavin Fowler = Vow Finagler
  • PR: Michael Shelton = Clothesline Ham
  • KR: Trey Dye = Dyer Yet
  • SNAP: Matt Foley = My Loft Tee