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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: FloTrack reviews XC; Some more Demarcus Lawrence; Troy Merritt finishes tourney

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Albert Einstein was a genius.

But his brother Frank was a monster.

FloTrack reviews the XC weekend

The New Mexico women’s team is, well, pretty good. They swept the top three spots and our Adorable Badass took fourth. Whaddyagonnado except try and do better on the next go around (in November).

LOL: Demarcus Lawrence is good

He’s going to get paid on his next contract signing.

Troy Merritt finished tied for 32nd at the tournament

Good for the former Bronco golfer.

Jake Roh: I adore this man

He will be missed next year.

I hope he has an opportunity to get to the next level and really show teams what he can do. That or if he has a long-lost twin brother named “Joe” that still has some eligibility left, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.


It’s the Dastardly Digit of Destiny.