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Boise State Game Balls for week of September 24th

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Busy last week for sports stuff. LET’S GET TO IT.

Game Ball One:

Allie Ostrander (cross country)

Mostly because obviously. She managed to finish her race with just one shoe. The stories of her being awesome kind of just write themselves. She not only won the overall, she managed to lead the Bronco WXC to an overall team win. For that, we lead of with the Adorable Badass.

Game Ball Two:

Jaymee-Lee Bulda (volleyball)

Broncos are on a tear going 15-1 in their last five matches. And a lot of that goes to the Senior setter out of Sacramento, CA. She was the volleyballer (I may have made that up) of the match in their 3-0 sweep of the UNLV Rebels. The team remains humble after “struggling” in that sweep. Whatever keeps the Ws rolling I suppose.

Game Ball Three:

Janelle Flores (soccer)

<img src="YOUR URL HERE" style="display:block; margin-bottom:20px;" />

Janelle “The No. 1 Stunner” Flores got another shutout last week and helped the Broncos thump the New Mexico Lobos 3-0. That’s 17 shutouts in her Bronco career.

I’m not 100% sure but I am pretty sure that any time you tie a school record that it is a pretty big deal. And still plenty of time in the year to take sole possession of said record. I certainly hope she is able to do so. That would be an incredible thing to witness. Especially for a deserving senior.

Your Turn

Sorry I was late on this one guys. Yesterday, what with the stuff out of Vegas happening, I just couldn’t get this thing to put together. Anyway. Comment away!