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Utah State Anagram Roster

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Utah State v Wake Forest Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images
  • Utah State = A Taste Hut
  • Logan, Utah = Atonal Hug
  • Matt Wells = Watt Smell

Offensive starters for Utah State

  • WR: Ron’quavion Tarver = Anon TV Roar Quiver
  • WR: Jordan Nathan = Darn Hat On Jan
  • LT: Roman Andrus = A Random Runs
  • LG: Moroni Iniguez = Oozier Mini Gnu
  • C: Quin Ficklin = Quick Nil Fin
  • RG: Rob Castandea = Canada Sorbet
  • RT: Sean Taylor = A Stay Loner
  • TE: Dax Raymond = Odd Max Yarn
  • WR: Jaren Colston-Green = Cannot Jeers Longer
  • RB: LaJuan Hunt = Hula Jan Nut
  • QB: Jordan Love = Old Oven Jar

Defensive starters for Utah State

  • DE: Ian Togiai = I Gain Iota
  • DT: Gasetoto Schuster = Creates Tough Toss
  • DE: Jacoby Wildman = Bad Manic Jowly
  • OLB: Louy Compton = No Too Clumpy
  • ILB: Suli Tamaivena = Animate Visual
  • ILB: Chase Christiansen = Anarchistic Sheens
  • OLB: Justus Te’i = Jet Suit Us
  • CB: Jalen Davis = Sad Javelin
  • SS: Dallin Leavitt = Titled Vanilla
  • FS: Aaron Wade = A Raw Anode
  • CB: Ja’Marcus Ingram = Curing Mamas Jar

Special Teams

  • P: Aaron Dalton = Nor Data Loan
  • PK/K: Dominik Eberle = Edible Moniker
  • HOLD: DJ Nelson = [No anagrams found]
  • PR: Zach Van Leeuwen = Launch Weave Zen
  • SNAP: Emmett Odegard = Dad Totem Merge