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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State’s Raimee Sherle gets award; Tanner Vallejo’s firefighting family

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Why are portholes round?

So the water doesn’t hit you square in the face?

Raimee Sherle gets MWC award

Sherle has been on a tear for the Broncos and showing up where it matters. GOTTA be a shoe-in for MWC Offensive Player of the Year.

Bronco exhibition game for charity canceled

The NCAA had originally said that the game could be played as long as no one would miss classes. But that doesn’t seem to stop them from okaying missed classes when it makes the NCAA money (ie, March Madness). They also don’t seem to care when it is UNC providing fake classes to EVERYONE.

Tanner Vallejo’s family helping fight wildfires

A pretty cool story about his family doing their part for wildfires.

Jay Ajayi a little banged up

As is the case for most of the guys in the NFL right now. He was limited in practice and now has to manage his pain. Looking forward to him playing this next weekend.

Demarcus Lawrence claims he can “still get better”

Just wait until you see his final form. He will have a power of OVER 9,000!!!

Darian Thompson and Donte Deayon getting solid snap count numbers

Darian was in on 75 of 76 snaps. And Deayon was in on 23. Pretty solid work from the former Boise State duo.


Here is how you can Stop Alien Abductions.