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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State soccer falls; Bronco FB favorites; FloTrack and Allie

Track and Field: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m done with smoking for good.

Now I only smoke for evil.

Bronco tennis duo wins consolation match

Anja Dokic and Lilian Poling wrapped up their weekend with a win. Congratulations to these two on ending with a positive note.

Bronco soccer loses to San Diego State

The loss sends the Broncos to 2-2 in MWC play while the Aztecs go to 3-1.

FloTrack wrapping up the weekend

And, of course, Allie Ostrander makes an appearance here.

Spoiler: She’s pretty good at running.

Matt Paradis the Denver Broncos’ secret weapon

That may not be necessarily much of a secret, but I do believe it is true.

Boise State opens as a seven point favorite against BYU

And I am kind of conflicted.

As a general rule home field advantage is roughly worth three points. That means Boise State has, somewhat, of a 10 points advantage? I am skeptical guys. This Friday’s game may be a tough one to watch. For both sides.


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