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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Boise State drone; XC women rank; Shea McClellin’s return; CFB Imperialism

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Never trust someone with graph paper.

They’re always plotting something.

Bronco women’s XC with a no. 8 ranking

It’s the second-highest ranking in school history. Also this puts the MWC with two top ten squads. Last year the Broncos started at no. 6. They may be able to reach that high again throughout the season.

Shea McClellin could return to the Patriots this week

He started the season on the injured reserve with an undisclosed injury. The Patriots defense has been struggling this year (they made Josh McCown look good). So having him return to the roster is going to be a boon. Here is to Shea’s immediate impact to the Patriots depth.

Darian Thompson included on this Anatomy of a Play

This was the New York Giant’s goal line stand against Denver last Sunday. You may remember that this was the first game the Giants had won, so far, this year. And it’s the first game with Donte Deayon on the 53-man roster. Just throwing that out there again.

A review of Dolphins’ win over the Falcons

This has a heavy dose of Jay Ajayi. His offensive line had themselves a game, finally, and it help spur Ajayi to a solid game.

Apparently Boise State has a drone

And you’ll never guess what its name is.

College football Imperialism

The fine folks over at r/CFB have put together a map of college football conquest.

I had lost quite a bit of interest around the second week. But, oddly enough, I began caring at about Saturday night/Sunday morning. While the Broncos don’t have as much land as I would have figured considering San Diego State’s 6-0 start, Broncos getting some land is the important thing. You’ll notice that California has the Broncos’ home turf. Only fitting that Justin Wilcox would be in control for now.


This is a game called Cursors.