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Predict the score: Boise State vs. San Diego State

Stanford v San Diego State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Tomorrow is a showdown with the Aztecs. It is the matchup we have all been waiting for for years. Hopefully it’s one that ends in our favor!


  • Boise State offensive first downs
  • San Diego State rushing yards
  • Total number of punts

What do I get if I win?

What’s with you and all these demands? Aren’t you satisfied with just being correct? So ungrateful.

What about the BYU predict the score?

Ha. Well. To that a whole lot of fist pumps as Boise State escaped Provo with a much-needed win. Weird stuff goes on down there and anytime you can leave there with a W, that’s a good thing.

As for the predict the score: boiseburritos did a near-perfect job in predicting a Boise State 24-10 win. That’s... impressive. Congratulations boiseburritos on being swell. Make sure you get your guess in last for tomorrow’s game so no one tries to steal your score.

Your turn

Put it in the comments folks. Don’t make me sad.