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Wake Up, Bronco Nation! BSU Student Athletes Awesome, Saturday Whiteout, Wrestling Back, Minnesota Harsin

Boise State v Hawaii Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Bronco athletics on point academically...again

Get ready for gameday tomorrow. Not quite a black tie event. Just a white shirt one.

It seems likely that the planners are drawing their inspiration for the color scheme from certain, recent, precipitation-centric, local events.

Bronco Football lands a punter

Here is a link to his Hudl.

Wrestling is about to throw down again. Quite likely literally.

Harsin almost certainly isn’t taking Minnesota job

Just because the national media has to churn out news and ‘answers’ to burning questions in college sports doesn’t mean that those answers are grounded in anything more than said national media just indiscriminately linking coaching vacancies to high win-percentage coaches at smaller schools. They have to cover the whole country and have a story on all of it. It’s unlikely most of the national media is as familiar with Harsin and his situation here as local reporters are. Now, I’m not saying there’s not a possibility that Harsin leaves someday, but that day won’t be this weekend, and the place won’t be Minnesota.

Honestly, aside from a sheer difference in salary (which I genuinely believe isn’t Harsin’s primary motivation), Minnesota would be a sidestep, if not an outright downgrade in employment. Add to that the fact that local media is giving no credit to rumors, Boise State’s AD is very confident he won’t leave yet, and lastly, this rumor I’ve seen all over the Twitter today:

I’d say ‘Breathe easy’, Bronco Nation.


Just in case you want to spend your snow day becoming the next Jason Bourne. Or David Webb. Or whatever.