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Boise State Ruthlessly Routs Runnin’ Rebels

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos 77, Rebels 59

This is basically your recap. Just re-watch this clip for a straight hour and you’ll have a solid feel of how the game played out. It’s a microcosm of how the night went for UNLV.

Should you desire more, the highlights from the whole first half are provided as well.

At one point, the Broncos were up 31-9. At halftime the Broncos were up 41-20, leading to some ‘A+’ analysis during the break from faithful Bronco fans.

On the fast start:

On UNLV facing the prospect of having to play the second half:

On the (delightful) horror of seeing such savage dominance of a conference foe:

The final stats bore out the reality of a complete and total victory, but none more so than the numbers accredited to an individual known as Chandler Hutchison, aka ‘Hutch the Clutch’, aka ‘Chan the Man’, aka ‘I just made up both of those just now, but believe me, this dude is finally starting to put it all together--for real’.

Exhibit A:

Hutchison set a career high with 28 points, which is...pretty okay. The team played very well overall, giving the Rebels one of their worst losses in recent memory.

Team Stats:

With the win—at UNLV, no less—the Broncos move to 3-0 in conference and will be back in action, at home, against San Diego Sate this Saturday. See you there!